​​This is part of a photo I took of my very untidy winter garden in December 2015.  It's the first interdimensional photo I ever took. 
What appears to be a piece of corrugated material on the left is a manifestation of the sun rays.  
This represents a curtain being drawn aside to reveal Light and information.
YWhen                            ​​
When I am taking two or more blocks of photos outside at night, I like to snap a random photo indoors as a marker between the sections. This grainy photo of my mantlepiece had a surprise for me. In the middle of the photo you can clearly see a bright reflection of my kitchen door.
The door is pinewood and has 15 small glass panels, 3 of which are visible here.
Well, in fact, this bright image shouldn't be there at all. 
The real reflection is faintly visible halfway up the framed picture.  
That had me fooled as well!

This 'open doorway' is symbolic, and may have a message for you as well.
This is a photo of a very handsome duck on the park pond. I always zoom into every photo I take, as there  are sometimes small things hidden. This one made me laugh. I'm reflected in the duck's eye. You can see me standing on the bank under a pine tree taking the photo. Everything is a reflection!

II have seen these pink bars a few times.  They are probably scrolls.
Even as a child, I always felt a deep connection and affinity with the Sun, knowing as I do that our star is a conscious Being, and a very powerful one.
We are being taught to be afraid of the Sun - to 'protect' ourselves.
This causes resistance to it's powerful Light which results in disconnect, and ultimately disease.
Sunlight is a beautiful loving ifeforce.
Our planet Earth and her bees thrive on it.  
The rainbow bars in this image have form and hold information.