This page contains photos of plasma forms and orb mists. Images of this kind appear quite frequently in interdimensional photos. I was hesitant for some time about uploading this page, because I knew that most of the people who know me would probably avoid me after seeing these pictures (ha ha!) as some things are too challenging for people's beliefs to handle. Limitation though is a mind program, and this is a Universe of infinite possibilities. Orbs are a visible expressions of Light intelligence, which can gather itself into any form.  Conscious Light also has a great sense of fun!
Please see 'links' for some interesting video footage of orb mists, Mantis Beings, and other interesting subjects.
TThis is the first plasma-form photo I ever took. At first I couldn't see what it was - the image was so unfamiliar. A while later I was able to identify it as a Mantis Being. There are extraterrestrials which look like us, some that have features of birds or lions, and others which are insectoid. This may seem strange, but there are an estimated 100 billion planets in the Milky Way and around 2 trillion galaxies in our Universe. Our Earth is a living library, a microcosm of galactic information. All species of plant and animal on our planet are representations of lifeforms from elsewhere in our galaxy. I was told that the 2 lines of light above the Mantid's head represent a line of light energy going up to Father God, and a line of light returning. In my experience Mantid Beings are super-intelligent and compassionate Beings - with a surprising sense of humour!

Below are two photos containing birdlike avian forms.

 One of my favourite creatures! A bee.

An elemental being of some kind - possibly an elf

One for the children perhaps. I have to admit that I don't know who this grumpy fellow  is - an ogre?  I just call him 'Grrrr'!