Links    Extraordinary and beautiful UFO and inter-d photography by Rob Hartland in Australia. Make sure you see his 'dimensional photography' page.   Peter Ragnar the amazing longevity sage.  Also, look for him on YouTube.

Bentinho Massaro: An extraordinary enlightened young spiritual teacher:   also
''Freedom, Causeless Joy, Real Love and Spiritual Empowerment are qualities already present in everyone, revealed through non-dual awareness and transforming ones limiting beliefs. Through a few simple instructions, profound realizations will emerge, enabling the innate fragrance of freedom to bloom and emanate everywhere you go. Then, finally, we realize ourselves to be beyond even consciousness and experience. The truly timeless unborn reality reveals itself through the illusion of existence. We realize we're free. We're Free to Play. Free to follow our Joy and raise our vibration.''      Eceti = 'enlightened contact with extra-terrestrial intelligence'. Some amazing Youtube vids also.   Steve and Karen Alexander's excellent Crop Circle website  Patti Greer's award-winning crop circle mystery films

A fewof my own non-interdimensional photos on 500px: