The plant kingdom is animated with a lifeforce, which like ours transcends the cycles of birth death and rebirth. It has a tale all of its own to tell...

"...Sit down Little Light and ask the question again", for the tiny fairy had asked a question of momentous importance.
So important it was, that a Company had been summoned by the light of the full moon, and the wise old Teller of Tales
had been called to tell the story.

"I want to know, why do the leaves in the Kingdom of Wisteria die every winter when they are old, and then get born again next spring?" asked Little Light.

​"Now that is a very great question" replied the Teller of Tales, "sit quietly, and I will tell you the story of Prince Wisteria and his Lady Greensleaves. Then you will understand why it is that the Kingdom of Wisteria is no longer Evergreen."

the entire Company of fairies including the Flower Fairy, and even the Green Dragon listened in awe. 

'Little Light'

                              The story of 
Prince Wisteria and Lady Greensleeves

Chapter 1​​

"A long long leafy time ago, there lived in the Enchanted land of Elphinstone, an Evergreen Prince called Wisteria. He wore a cap of green feathers decorated with a long sprig of  pink and purple blossom. He was very handsome, and admired.
It so happened that Prince Wisteria fell in love with a lady at the green court called Lady Greensleeves. She was very beautiful, and had her hair arranged
in one of those piled up high hairdos
with feathers in the back. 
She was however already promised to
a courtier called Lord Lief..."

lking to your customer
Chapter 2

"Lady Greensleeves could not however resist Prince Wisteria's charms. As you can see,
He took her small hand in his and pressed it to the side of his face.
'Will you marry me?'" he asked her.
Lady Grensleeves could not of course refuse, and said 'Yes' for she had by then fallen in love with the Prince.
Lord Lief fell in shock in a crumpled heap behind her.
Chapter 3

"Prince Wisteria and Lady Greensleeves were married, and soon after he was crowned King and she became Queen.
Queen Wisteria, as she was then known, became the rolemodel of fashion, and everyone watched her to see which green dress
and which beautiful blossom she would wear next.
The King and Queen led a very happy life together.

Lord Lief never married. He became Queen Wisteria's loyal advisor and confidante, as was the custom in those days.
Queen Wisteria did not understand however, that Lord Lief had not forgiven her for rejecting him, and that his heart remained bitter.

There was a ruler from the realm of Notenough called
King Karma Chameleon. He was a heartless tyrant who liked to decorate himself with trophies from his subjects. He would force them to pay him tithes.
The King and Queen were unaware that King Karma wanted power over the Enchanted Land of Elphinstone, and they were persuaded by Lord Lief to hold court in his honour.
King Wisteria became ensnared by the rogue King and envied him all his baubles. He began to think that his beautiful green kingdom
was not enough.
King Wisteria's connection to the beloved Queen of Fairie, our Great Mother of Evergreen..."

Here the Teller of Tales paused and bowed his head.
All the Company held their breath in awe.


Chapter 82

The Teller of Tales resumed.

"King Wisteria's connection to our Great
Mother of Evergreen was lost, and he no longer paid her respect"  
The Company gasped! 
"He promised King Karma Chameleon a loyalty token of a single leaf, and declared that all the leaves from the Kingdom of Wisteria, would now pay dues to King Karma. 

The Queen and was so much in grief that she        ailed and died. While her green body fell      from       the  high branches, her spirit joined the train of King Karma Chameleon.
 The now old King Wisteria, (for all who pay dues to King Karma must age and  die),
knew he had been tricked, and was   utterly heartbroken.
 The King decreed that he would do whatever
 was   in his power to redeem himself and the Kingdom of Wisteria. He vowed to find his Queen again and beg her forgiveness, 
and then to reconnect his kingdom once more
to the Great Mother of Evergreen.

  And so it is that all leaves in the Kingdom of Wisteria become old and fall every winter,
and then are born again as a new leaf in Spring."
...And the wind blew, and all the Company disbursed,  with Light in their hearts, for they still had great love for the beloved Queen of Fairie, the Great Mother of Evergreen.

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