Y I decided to have fun with the camera and try a more 'artistic' route (so often these things don't go as planned!). Water seems to be the element which works best for me, so I took a series of photos in my local park over a few weeks. There are several large fish ponds there and the reflections in the water are colourful and interesting, especially when the seagulls land, or the ducks get into a fight over a crust of bread, and create some interesting ripples on the surface. The photos of people passing revealed some very unexpected details.  ​​

​The Odd Couple   

The first thing I noticed is that the woman in the photo has red colour around her throat. This is the area called the 'throat chakra' which is one of the many energy centres in and around the human body. It should be a light to mid blue colour, and its purpose is to receive information and communication from our highest Soul Self or God-conciousness. The red colour also hints at a past life experience which has not been cleared. There are several entities around this person, two of which are prominent. In the background is a character which appears to be giving a 'two thumbs up' sign. Viewed in a slightly different way, the two thumbs also looks like a hand-gun being pointed. This chap is probably an ancestral spirit - if you look at the nose it's very similar to the woman's nose. There is also an entity on the woman's shoulder, whispering in her ear. That one has two faces and is an unreliable and unpleasant adviser.                                                                           In the bottom left hand corner you can see where grass stems got in the way of the photo. Higher up the photo these elements have been modified by the authors of the image to illustrate energy leaving the man's heart chakra.


​This next photo is a total contrast. A young woman having a conversation with an older couple. Initially, it does look as if the young woman is giving the man a real telling-off while the older woman tries not to laugh. The young woman however, is pointing at something outside of the photo, and the greyhound which is her dog, is also intrigued (squirrels?). There is also a rather invisible fluffy dog at the man's feet which is why he is looking down. 
There is another aspect to this photo.  From an interdimensional perspective, nothing is haphazard, and syncronicity is evident here. There is an abundance of given information regarding the characters of these people.
The young woman has a sprig of green in her hair indicating her youthful energy, and her colours partly merge with the mature tree behind her, indicating strength of character. The man's hair is coloured green like a 'Green Man' so he feels a strong connection to Nature. There is plenty of green around his chest area which is the location of the Heart Chakra. The traditional colour of this energy center is green, and so here it indicates a caring nature. He looks as if he's wearing a visor (although he wasn't), so he would have a self-protective nature.
The woman in the middle was enjoying the interaction. She can be seen here trying to supress laughter, so she is full of fun. Above her face she has an extra pair of eyes with pink light coming out of them. This, and the abundance of pink from her colar shows that she has a loving nature and sees everything with a rosy hue. there is a twig above her head which looks like a dowsing rod. I believe this indicates that she is quietly drawn drawn to alternative subjects such as dowsing, and also that she is a smart woman who 'doesn't miss a thing!'
The greyhound...well, the greyhound just wants to get the next squirrel, and doesn't care a ... about anything else!
I love the energy of this photo.


​There are five people in this group. a young blond woman is hidde behind the first runner. The brief interaction captured in this photo made me laugh.  There is also though an E.T.  Yes - an extraterrestrial, which is disguised on the first runner's shoulder. Not an aggressive apparition. The ET is running with the runner, so I would guess this is a Guide. There are many of us who are having communications with Extraterrestrial Beings - its not unusual these days.  This individual looks like one of the group generally refered to as'Greys'. The only group of 'Greys' I am aware of is called the Sassani, and the best known of these is  'Bashar'  who is channelled by Daryl Ankar.